Design versus Default – The Secret of Deliberate Creation Reviewed


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There are so many takeaways in The Secret of Deliberate Creation. But the ideas around living by default, or living by design really jumped out at me as I listened. This is the program in a nutshell. Dr. Robert Anthony talks about this early on and using the Secret of Deliberate Creation hinges on how you apply the ideas. Will you work with them through your default lens or a lens through which you embrace a life you’ve designed?

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Default is such an interesting word. As a noun it can mean a failure to meet an obligation, or; a preset option adopted when no alternative is specified by a user or programme. As a verb, it is failing to fulfill a duty or automatically reverting to a preset.

We’re born to defaults. We accept how life presents itself. When we exit the womb we’re mostly immediately fed by our mothers. This becomes the default setting at least ’til such time as we’re weaned from the bottle. This isn’t a choice – forced on us by parents we again have to accede. External reality is where decisions affecting our lives are made. Sure we do have the element of distress we can use to get our needs met.

When grizzles evolve to tears we know there is something bothering our parents especially if we don’t tail it off after 5 – 10 minutes. Once it becomes sustained and vociferous crying notice has been given. Generally, they’d check us to see what it is we require. Changing, feeding, positive regard. We discover a default that enables attention. And on it goes. Searching for defaults that will support our needs being met.

On weekends and sometimes during the week sports teams are scheduled to play each other. When one team doesn’t turn up to play the other it is said they have defaulted. The other team gets the points for a win without even having played. Bonus. Chances are they were unable to muster enough members to bring a full team to the game owing to sickness or injury. In younger grades, this often isn’t a problem because the teams may even themselves up and just play.

This is what happens when we stick to our default settings. Because our defaults are predetermined they can easily become ruts. When a new experience crosses our path it may be we experience fear. Then we either face it to gain something or slink back into the shadow of it and revert to our routine. If we look at our own internal processes as a team we may imagine that we’re going along fine. We may not be aware of our strengths and weaknesses because we’re just treading water in our lives. By becoming conscious of our strengths and weaknesses we can even up the ‘inner’ team and get some skin in the game of life.

We have the potential to reframe that fear as excitement and take the opportunity to expand our consciousness. We move out of default and into self-responsibility. When we do that our default isn’t modeled on an external focus. It comes from our inner self. As we embrace that responsibility we move from default to design.

Photo by Edho Pratama on Unsplash


The design Dr. Robert Anthony is referring to here isn’t the bricks and mortar kind or even something created with a CAD program. His design has an internal frame of reference. It is how we create and build inner emotional intelligence to enable the process of deliberate creation. His program steps you through the essential elements you need to internalize for the life you wish to create. The features of deliberate creation become sharper as you work your way through the modules.

He places his spotlight on the relevant aspects of Quantum Physics, the Law of Attraction & the Collective Consciousness. He opens up an understanding of how our soul works in his concept of the “Essential Silent Partner” and in his ideas around “Heartset versus Mindset”.

In the last Modules, he encourages us to get our head around Time, and the elimination of self-sabotage. And sums it all up with the “Ultimate Secret to Creating a Life by Design”. This one may come as a surprise!


Deliberate is another fascinating word. It resonates differently when used firstly as an adjective meaning on purpose and secondly as a verb referring to giving careful consideration to something. Both of these play a significant part in Anthony’s program. Being on purpose as we follow the trail he sets up is crucial to the results we receive. And we also need to deliberate on questions as they arise along the way. Any of the modules may cause you to question your current mode of thinking.

It’s like being on a jury. You’ve heard of juries beginning their deliberations. They’re listening to the presenting of evidence and then deciding on the fate of the person on trial. What is on trial here is following a new path versus maintaining the status quo. Following a dream or remaining in a life by default. Feeling a deliberate purpose propelling you forward or drifting along in the wake of a rudderless vessel.


Once your purpose is clear the process of creation can begin. Just like design, creation also flows from an internal point of reference. Once we have all our ducks lined up in our inner control panel then our thoughts can kickstart creation. Eventually, the thoughts become a physical manifestation. Writing a blog, creating a video, taking a picture – all of these are perfect examples of the process of creation. As the Bible says, “The word was made flesh”. A blog, video, photos – all of these are our ideas fleshed out in their respective mediums.

Creation serves the greater good. Sure, we create first for ourselves – we have to generate form before we put it out to a wider audience. We build our purpose into our creation. Our reason for building becomes what we receive for broadcasting it to the world. The feeling we get from the achievement becomes the fuel for further creation and it builds like a snowball collecting more snow as it rolls on.

We’re rolling out a red carpet for more ideas to make their premiere as invention, construction, concept, artform, or performance. And the emotion we derive from the process becomes the propulsion for more. We spiral ever upward as we focus on developing ourselves and our dreams further, pushing through each ceiling on our path. We begin to see the beauty of the path we’re on. Not just the beauty of our creations but also the sense of beauty the process evokes within.


Dr. Robert Anthony’s “The Secret of Deliberate Creation is one of the most comprehensive programs available. He brings understanding to each aspect of the process of creation. And then he goes the extra mile adding a series of bonuses. Once you’ve immersed yourself in Deliberate Creation it’ll whet your appetite for more.

He offers the following bonus ebooks to purchasers: Beyond Positive Thinking; Betting on Yourself; The Ultimate Secrets of Total Self Confidence; The Magic Power of Super Persuasion; Doing what you Love, Loving what you do; How to make the Impossible Possible; and, 50 Ideas that can Change your Life. + One more special bonus.

Remember to keep a notepad and pen or your journal close at hand while listening to catch the pearls of wisdom. The whole program bears listening to multiple times. Each time I’ve listened I’ve gained some new understanding. And hearing again the “Ultimate Secret to Creating a Life by Design” has reinforced one of the most powerful aspects for me. This one thing has meant my life is a relatively low-stress existence enabling me to appreciate more of life’s wonderful qualities.