Dr Joe Dispenza’s Progressive Workshop – Ascending Your Energy

I’m writing this during a visit to Blenheim, a town I lived in while the trajectory of my adult life was being defined. That trajectory is the reason I was in Auckland for Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Progressive Workshop – Ascending Your Energy: Tune Into Your New Destiny.

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“In the age of information Ignorance is a choice”

Dr. Joe Dispenza

It’s an odd thing revisiting those places after so much time has elapsed. The ghosts of our memories are as shades over the current reality. I see the things that have remained the same alongside the things that have changed. And I bear witness to what has changed in me and the familiar that is maintained.


I recall the choices I made that created that trajectory. Choices that at the time seemed as if they were no choice at all; and in fact moved life forward to what it is today. A broken marriage leading to a string of broken relationships and onward to a stable relationship firstly with myself and now with another. It is a treasure. I wouldn’t be where I am now without those challenging experiences. They strung the bow that shot the arrow of my life through time to where it is now.  And a catalyst to my seeking an understanding of the evolution of my soul in this lifetime.

It seemed apt that I visited Auckland For Dr. Joe’s Workshop. I was a fledgling when I arrived first in Auckland. And this is where I would begin to sprout feathers and take my first awkward flights in the personal development field. If Blenheim had defined me then Auckland was where I began to refine that calling. Beginning with courses in People Skills and following up with Foundations in Counselling. This is where I began to clear the path leading to this workshop.

What the Bleep?

Exactly! What the bleep did I know? I first came into contact with Dr. Joe’s work through this 2004 Movie. The concept followed is that both your own and the collective consciousness can affect the material world. It is told through the story of a fictional photographer encountering experiences that have her questioning the way life works. Similar to the questions I was asking myself in the wake of a failed marriage and relationships.

Dispenza’s name would pop up now and again over the next few years keeping it on the edge of my consciousness. When I came across the title of a book “Breaking the Habit of Being Myself” in my online surfing I was immediately interested and purchased it first as an audiobook, and then as a hard copy. I listened to it twice back to back and became a follower. The purchase of his other books soon followed.

What is so important about his work? 

  • Truly a marriage of the spiritual with the scientific.
  • Synthesizes his work from different traditions & disciplines.
  • Backed up with science.
  • Quantifies everything with energy measurement.
  • Does it with integrity. He walks his talk.
  • No keynote addresses anymore as he believes this can’t express the work fully.
  • Consistently provides great experiences for his workshop participants.
  • No Q&As; He didn’t say why but my feeling is that any questions will weaken the unwavering belief that is required for measurable results.
  • The stories from people healed by following his work are a testament to the process.
  • Has that same belief in his work from being witness to the results and speaks from that place.
  • Allows the work to evolve and focuses on where it is going rather than remaining with the concepts that he now knows definitively work.

Photo by Ezra Comeau-Jeffrey on Unsplash

The Workshop

Where is the knowledge that is lost in information? Where is the wisdom that is lost in knowledge? – T.S. Eliot

Right from the beginning, Dr. Joe was giving us information. I’m not that alert in lectures and soon found myself drifting off. I soon realized taking notes was going to keep my attention on what was being said. As the quote says I was looking for the knowledge lost in the information. I believe we all have a good radar when it comes to discerning what is important in the course of a speech or in the text of a book. Once we’ve used that discernment and pulled out all the knowledge we can then apply it to draw out the wisdom.

Essentially the workshop is about our ability to create new neural pathways and then maintaining a commitment to that.  The old pathways that have brought us to where are now have mostly become programs that are not serving us. They have created conditioned responses to life. They are manifest in any physical symptoms we may have – the pains, the cancers, the postures, the habits. When we become the architect of these neural linkages we take a chance on the possibility of change. We can create a new personality from the ground up. Turning off the genes that aren’t serving our current reality and turning on new genes to facilitate new conditioning is achievable. Our thoughts, feelings, and actions generate our conditioning.


Dr. Joe has a beautiful analogy for the mind calling it a “3-dimensional tapestry” and when we create new thoughts we’re adding new stitches to the picture we’re building. One of the ways we do this is to decide what we want to manifest. That may be health or wealth. From there we construct a clear intention and image. Then when we hold that in our imagination and can sustain an elevated emotion around it the possibility of realizing it in actuality is greatly increased.

Our mind is unable to discern between reality and thought. When we enter the meditative state we are able to create a new reality for ourselves through our minds. We generate a space in meditation in which we can bypass our analytical mind and objectify our emotions. From there we can begin to recondition our personality. Just as we take our cars into the shop when the motor becomes worn out and tired so we take our personalities into the meditation shop when they need a neural upgrade.


A couple of Dr. Joe’s sayings are, “neurons that fire together, wire together”, and “what syncs in the brain links in the brain”. He spends time each morning meditating to reach an unshakeable state, through having clear intent and focused elevated emotions (joy, compassion, gratitude), that will carry him through the day. The meditation is the perfect location for us to facilitate this process. When we follow the example we are opening ourselves to firing neurons together and synchronizing new pathways in the brain.

When we’re designing our intent the question to ask is, “Who do I want to be when I open my eyes”. Remember that you are conscious and consciousness; that you have the will and at your essence, you are a transcendent, holistic, happy being. When we’re accessing this experience through meditation we’re matching our energy to a potentiality; enriching our brains; building a positive electromagnetic field; and creating coherence.

If we find ourselves being distracted in the meditation that is a program seeking to take us away from the divine. When we reach beyond distraction we begin to free up energy from the wellspring of inspiration. Energy is created in the void – the unknown. This sounds as if it may have parallels in ho’oponopono. In their tradition, they are seeking the zero point (the void, the unknown) from where inspiration and possibility arise.

Photo by Indian Yogi (Yogi Madhav) on Unsplash

Entering the state

Dr Joe re-iterates often that the experience we are seeking in meditation is encountering the space where we can become no-thing, no-body, no-one, in no-time and are open to the field of infinite possibility.

During the weekend we were introduced to the following meditations: the Heart Lock-in, Finding the Present Moment, Tuning into New Potentials, Reconditioning the Body to a New Mind, Changing Beliefs & Perceptions, and the last one, The Blessing of the Energy Centres (Ascending Your Energy)

Each of them carried a real-world example from Dr. Joe himself or from a person who had used that particular meditation to produce healing or lasting change in their lives. And he has accumulated energetic data that has been generated by entering some of the meditations.  Most inspiring.


Some of the gifts we receive in being with these processes are:

  • creating new experiences for our soul,
  • being baptized by the divine,
  • owning our inherent nobility,
  • opening to mystical moments,
  • initiation through our blind spots, the knowledge reflected back to us when we’re sometimes emotionally triggered in our interactions,
  • sitting in the fire of those initiations,
  • understanding there is no courage without fear,
  • knowing we may have to do what seems unnatural in order to become supernatural (change our personality),
  • defining our life by the future we wish to create and loving ourselves into it,
  • planting the seeds to be born again into a new life,
  • the power to hear and then ignore our own BS,
  • discovering our innate wisdom when we experience our memories without an emotional charge to them.

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The workshop carried me along on waves of energy. The stories of what seemed miraculous and the data accumulated and quantified created confidence in Dr. Joe’s teachings. I’m inspired to continue along the path he’s outlined through book and workshop.

From the perspective of healing ourselves and in the presence of what we’re experiencing with climate change I have to return to the opening quote – “In the age of information – Ignorance is a choice”. With the information out there – information from which we take our knowledge and then wisdom can we choose to remain ignorant in the face of healing potentials?